I was brought on the project Star Wars Kinect as a senior environment artist. I had to work with a concept artist and a designer to design, whitebox, grey model and bring 5 epic levels/tracks to life from half or sometimes nonexistent documentation/design docs. Each of these levels took place on a different planet. Lucas Arts wanted to make these epic experiences, so they determined that the length of 4 minutes for 1 lap was what they wanted. The average length for a big track on a game like Forza is closer to 1 minute. It goes without saying that these levels were huge. So I had lots to model and detail as to the fact that these would then handed to outsourcing teams in India to complete. So the more I put in and described the less questions got back and less direction they would need. We would have meetings to review and make notes that insured that these levels were fun, well-paced and that the art would make fans of the films happy, we would keep revising till everyone was happy with the level. After I created the levels they were handed to outsourcing, then it was my task to help provide direction and answer questions the outsources needed. Then I was responsible for managing the incoming art, integrating it, collision modeling, creating and providing general art support and fixing hundreds of bugs till the levels reached completion.

This was the Bespin/Cloud City level the first one I worked on, it took 4 weeks to whitebox, greymodel and design and bring from an idea into a fun and visually exciting level that would be enjoyed by millions.

Note these shots had been taken early on, without final lighting, post, crowds, AI, UI, FX, and Events such as cloud cars driving around that brought the level to life and made it look 100x times better.

Besides the work I did on this I would be a part of meetings and a team effort to solve skybox and lighting problems and the fact that the level would take you through multiple pallets, lighting conditions and skyboxes.

I used 3dsmax, Maya, 3D Coat, Houdini, and Infernal Engine to create these.

So ya I got to play 3d Artist, Environment Artist, Level and Game Designer.