I modeled the following buildings on the TOP GEAR test track. I had to make these exactly as they exist in the real world using photo ref and satellite data. The poly counts are very low as are the texture resolutions because in Forza, the cars are the stars. The turnaround time for these guys was a day.

I worked with a team of 4 (myself included) to work on the game’s premier track "The Alps" and 3 variants. I was part of the initial ideation meetings, I helped to prototype the level early on including

terrain prototyping, layout and iteration, I also did a variety of other tasks such as create foliage (The trees seen here) and initial placement. I also created and placed signage, crowds, guardrails

and walls and did other tasks. This track made its debut at E32011. I learned alot from working on this track, everything from how to make race tracks, how fun tracks are made and tested, process to design

and production of a racing track, I would go on to use all this newfound knowledge to create the epic tracks of Star Wars Kinect Pod Racing.